Why Work For a Family Business ?

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At Gaines Investment Trust we talk a lot about being a “Family Business.” But what does this really mean, and why does this matter? The term “Family Business” may be used as a buzzword at other companies, but at Gaines Investment Trust our family values are the foundation of our business practices, and our familial ties and spirit are the glue that holds us together, every day.


Gaines Investment Trust was founded by husband & wife duo Don and Pam Gaines, and the company’s operations are now led by their children and grandchildren. Currently, there are seven Gaines family members that work in tandem to make GIT the best it can be. We want this company to profit and thrive for many reasons: to carry out the legacy and goals of our founders, create job opportunities for current and future generations, and to be a positive influence in the world while providing a great living experience for our residents.


The Gaines family has maintained 100% ownership of all properties in the portfolio with no intention to sell or need to ever partner with outside investors. This has allowed us to prioritize our family values such as fairness, integrity, and mutual respect.


Family, not just the Gaines Family!


The familial spirit at Gaines Investment Trust spreads beyond those of us who are actually related. 


The family spirit at GIT happens to be contagious. Cool fact: Did you know that Operations Executive, Tracie Watt, and our In-House Recruiter, Tricia Cress, are identical twins? 



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