Stable Company in Unstable Times

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Gaines Investment Trust, Est. 1966, was founded by Don and Pam Gaines

The founder of Gaines Investment Trust, Don Gaines, (who also happens to be my father) recently said to me, “In my 78 years, I’ve never seen anything like this. These are unprecedented times for our country. Our economic landscape will never be the same.”

Considering he has 78 years of historical reference and has lived through many of our country’s more tumultuous times, his perspective is particularly disheartening. It’s hard not to feel afraid when our elders, who we would typically look to for comfort and wisdom during these challenging times, affirm the grim reality that this economic and social landscape is uncharted territory.

It’s times like this that I am especially grateful for the stability of businesses such as Gaines Investment Trust. As other companies in other industries are laying off employees and even shutting down, GIT has maintained a full staff and continues to grow. Our company serves a purpose that will never become obsolete. People will always need apartment homes, and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide them with safe and comfortable places to call home when it matters most.

Though our company is taking a big economic hit akin to most other businesses during this time, we are grateful to be in a position where this dip is less likely to affect our ability to serve our residents and employ our staff.

In fact, we are using these challenging times as call-to-action to improve our operations, problem solve collaboratively, and be more resourceful. Our company is also 100% family owned, which means our business decisions are entirely our own. And as a company that has always valued long term property holds, it’s our prerogative to own, operate and nurture all of our assets for many years to come.

Gaines Investment Trust’s 54-year history means we have deep roots. Like an old oak tree, our roots will keep us standing tall even during stormy times, only to grow stronger and prosper, as seasons change and time goes on.

We remain, unwaveringly, invested in you.

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